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  • POWERFUL PARTY SOUND: Front tweeter and woofers combine to give the XP500 a superb sound, punchy and deep with clear vocals and a crisp surround sound feel. Perfect for parties, but just as good for setting the mood inside your home.
  • X-BALANCED SPEAKER UNIT: The innovative X-Balanced Speaker Unit has a non-circular diaphragm with more area than conventional speakers. That means that you’ll get a richer, clearer sound, no matter what style of music you’re listening to.
  • LISTEN LOUD AND CLEAR: The combination of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and front High-efficiency Tweeter deliver a powerful, rich, crisp sound over a large area. That means more people can hear your great music.
  • BATTERY LIFE: At a good party, no one wants the music to end. And with 20 hours of battery life when fully charged, this speaker will keep going for almost as long as you can.
  • CHARGE UP IN A HURRY: If you find yourself a little short of time, don’t worry. Quick charging will give you 80 minutes3 of play on just a 10-minute charge.
  • RAIN WILL NEVER STOP PLAY: Prepare your garden party for anything. The XP500 has an IPX4 Water resistant rating so you can keep on playing even if a few raindrops fall.
  • GRAB IT AND GO: The XP500 has a comfortable handle that makes carrying it easy. So if you usually have your speaker in the house, but fancy listening in the garden, simply pick up your speaker and go.
  • SING YOUR HEART OUT: Love karaoke? Then you and the XP500 will make the perfect double act. Plug in your microphone, pick a song and give it everything you’ve got.
  • BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE: Want to go wireless? Simply pair the XP500 with your BLUETOOTH compatible devices and stream straight to your speaker.
  • PLUG IN AND PLAY: Use a rear USB port to connect a USB memory stick, and stream your favourite music from your device.

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