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  • LARGE CAPACITY: A kitchen machine with a large-capacity 4.8 L stainless steel bowl with splashguard, offering enough dough for 5 whole pizzas and the ideal capacity for the whole family FLAWLESSLY SMOOTH RESULTS: The planetary movement offers total coverage of the bowl, with pastry tool and head rotating in opposite directions for exceptionally smooth and homogenous results
  • PERFECT WHIPPING: Light and airy whipping results for ingredients like egg whites, creams and meringues (from up to 800 ml of cream) PERFECT BEATING: Well-mixed, homogenous beating for ingredients like pastry dough, cakes and cookies (produces up to 1.8 kg of mixture)
  • BREAD DOUGHS: A robust metal dough hook for heavy mixtures like breads, brioches and shortcrust pastries (from up to 500g of flour) VERSATILE MIXING POWER: A powerful 800W motor puts a wide variety of recipes within reach
  • EASY CONTROLS: 6 speeds and a pulse setting for effortless control and precision
  • STURDY DESIGN: Total stability and solid performance thanks to anti-slip suction pods SLEEK AESTHETIC: The minimalist design offers timeless aesthetics with a modern touch 22 cm diameter thin-crust pizzas

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